San Diego felt like an appropriate setting for Consumer-First Summit America given its reputation for having “the closest thing to perfect weather in America” (dubbed by the U.S. Weather Bureau). So we rethought business casual with beach gear and agreed that nothing speaks more Consumer-First than marketing fun in the sun. For those of you who missed it, here’s a quick recap of the Day 1 at the Selligent Consumer-First Summit America in sunny Carlsbad on October 20th:

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Yes, we did talk conversion optimization by the pool, bragged about our open rates while playing golf, and exercised in creative bibble-babble at a local microbrewery. But we learnt things too:

#ConsumerFirst16 | Day 1

Session 1: Does It Work? How Data Informs Creativity and Measurable Results

Jason Burby, President of Americas, POSSIBLE

Jason Burby discussed how engaging today’s consumers requires a mind-shift towards a new paradigm – what he calls the DIW (“Does It Work?”) ideology. It is through collective vision and the alignment of goals and metrics, according to Burby, that marketing teams can use data to push the envelope.


“We need to connect creative and data teams, make sure they work together, they’re sitting together, make sure they’re not running into each other once a month in a meeting, make sure they’re truly engaged with each other.”

“Tailor your measurements to align the goals, not vanity metrics.”

“One size fits no one.”

Session 2: Consumer-First Marketing

Nick Worth, CMO, Selligent
Dave Frankland, CSO, Selligent

Nick Worth and Dave Frankland of Selligent introduced the notion of the “Entitled Consumer” and gave advice on how marketers should cope with the rising consumer expectations and the ever-decreasing attention span.

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“Deliver value, don’t try to extract value”

“How can we be as relevant as possible in the moment?”

“How do we earn the rights to those 8 seconds? Is it something that’s deserving a consumer’s attention?”

“Start small, layer things on, and constantly test what’s working and what’s not”


Session 3: Prezi Exceeds Onboarding Goals with a Consumer-First Approach

Bonnie Coombs, Email Marketing Manager, Prezi

Bonnie Coombs of Prezi talked about how she used marketing automation to deliver personalized onboarding experiences for 75 million users by taking user feedback and tailoring content to different user personas.

Bonnie Coombs


“Most users who sign up for a trial of your software will use it once and never come back. You really have one chance with them.”

“Take the information that your users are giving you when they sign up and reflect it in your onboarding.”

“Pursue full localization.”


Session 4: Introducing the New Selligent Global Services Organization

Tarik Hart, SVP of Services, Selligent

Tarik Hart of Selligent shared his vision for the global transformation of the Services team and the client-first approach to helping clients succeed with Selligent products. 

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“Our clients get a boutique feel service, yet with an enterprise-level structure to support clients 24/7, across global time zones”


Session 5: App Culture: Brand Fit of Brand Misfit

Alex Johnston, Independent App Producer

Alex Johnson explained why most brands suck at brand marketing, and how apps that prioritize usefulness and immediacy over storytelling will get consumer’s hearts and wallets.


“It’s the cocktail of words and pictures integrated with function and utility are the true power behind the tsunami of usefulness that marks today’s best brand marketing"

“Good apps are shortcuts to usefulness. [...] and it is the fundamental separation between futureproof brands and the lumbering dinosaurs that function largely as differentiators in boring cluttered categories”

“If an app is mobile, than it’s by definition occasion-based and it must be real time in its responsiveness. Whether presenting search results, reply to message, ordering a car, or getting laid – absolute, unconditional immediacy is a necessity”

“Apps don’t belong anywhere near the marketing department. But they should.”


Session 6: Creating Exceptional Experiences That Transcend Channels

Rick Ton, Director of Product Marketing & Membership, Sam’s Club

Rick Ton shared a case study in how big brands can and should innovate in mobile by taking a specific user problem (like long lines at the checkout) and solving it with a simple technology solution (like a mobile app for in-store checkout).

Rick Ton


“Take a product engineering approach to marketing. Solve problems that are important to customers.”

Session 7: SuperPhone and the Birth of Personal Relationship Management

Ryan Leslie, Entrepreneur and Founder of Disruptive Media

Ryan Leslie talked about how to make a switch to 1-to-1 relationship marketing, and why social influence is the new web currency.

Ryan Leslie


“Messaging – the future dominant form of human communication.”


Did we miss anything? What were your favorite moments? Check out the full photo story on our Facebook page.

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