At Selligent Marketing Cloud, we’re committed to building the best possible marketing automation platform in the biz, supporting B2C brands with brilliant customer engagement experiences across all channels. That means we’re constantly innovating and improving our product so that you never miss an opportunity to improve your relationship with consumers.

Selligent Cortex AI: Smart Audiences

The newest capability of Selligent Cortex, our marketer-friendly, AI engine that offers marketers transparency in its predictive capabilities. Smart Audiences is designed for the needs of relationship marketers and is built to assembles the most relevant audience for any given marketing content or sales offer – allowing marketers to deliver personalized customer communications at scale. By defining the right individuals to message, marketers can deliver more targeted campaigns that lead to higher performance and better customer satisfaction.

“With the dynamic nature of marketing, it’s not always just about the recommendations you can spin up, it’s also about identifying the right targets for specific offers.” said John Hernandez, CEO of Selligent Marketing Cloud. “Smart Audiences ensures that you don’t exhaust your customers by over-delivering messages that are not of interest, and ensuring that all offers are personalized and meaningful. Companies that do not deliver on relevance risk losing their customers for good.”

Selligent Cortex AI: Enriched API

With an extended API to be even more flexible, marketers can trigger the creation of any channel messages (email, SMS, web pages and more) as well as trigger the execution of journeys via an API call. This allows brands leveraging Selligent Marketing Cloud to improve the overall customer experience by balancing the use of all marketing channels with operational messages, enabling true omnichannel orchestration for real-time triggered messaging.

Selligent Cortex AI: Send-Time Optimization (STO)

Using the Selligent Cortex AI engine, marketers can now optimize their email’s send time at the point of execution based on prior customer opens. Brands can leverage this capability to help drive higher open rates. Next level enhancements will include the possibility to train the predictive STO algorithm on all behavioral data in the Selligent Marketing Cloud platform (including website tracking and interactions on other channels such as mobile and SMS), as well as an option to combine day-of-the-week with the current time-of-the-day predictions.

Selligent Cortex AI:  Custom Channel Support

Selligent Marketing Cloud now makes it easier than ever to integrate and extend journey design into other applications in a brand’s tech stack. With added extensibility to support custom journeys linking to any channel or external interface (print, export, call centers, etc.) via plug-ins, marketers can orchestrate omnichannel customer journeys from a central location.

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