At Selligent, our focus has long been on innovating technologies that enable businesses to drive long-term customer value and loyalty. We believe that it’s critical for brands and companies today to gain a competitive edge if they want to successfully meet escalating consumer expectations for connected, personalized engagement across all touchpoints. In order to do this, companies need to take a deep look at their brand experience and eliminate the silos that exist across marketing, sales and service.

We understand how critical it is to bridge this divide – and we’ve been at the heart of enabling clients like French retailer TAPE À L’OEIL (TAO) to successfully deliver on the promise of the ultimate customer experience.

Today, we are excited to announce that Selligent has joined Cisco’s SolutionsPlus program, to bring data-driven, holistic customer experience solutions to Cisco customers – scaling the reach of our powerful omnichannel customer experience platform.

If you’re not familiar with Cisco SolutionsPlus, it’s a purchasing program that places a select set of Cisco-compatible products on the Cisco price list. This enables a one-stop ordering experience for customers, sales teams and channel partners. (To read more about Cisco SolutionsPlus, check out this post from the Cisco blog.)

As an approved Cisco partner, we will close the gaps that exist across departments. Our intelligent platform will drive connected and informed omnichannel customer journeys that empower contact center professionals to achieve new levels of intelligent customer management, gleaned from our single Universal Consumer Profile. The Cisco-Selligent partnership will:

  • Improve the customer journey & lifetime value, by seamlessly aggregating consumer behavioral & transactional data across sources into a single 360° view
  • Empower agents, by providing insights with context to improve first-contact resolution, surfacing customer journey, interest & next-best-offer data
  • Evolve the contact center, from reactive to predictive omnichannel care

The Cisco partnership, in addition to others we recently announced with Upstream Works Software and Bucher + Suter, is a testament to Selligent’s ability to deliver powerful technology that enables businesses to execute and influence the entire customer journey.

We encourage you to learn more about how the Selligent-Cisco partnership can help you close more deals and drive additional value to your customers. Click here to learn more.

Or contact us to hear about the outstanding results others have had using our solution, and to schedule your free demo.

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