In July, Selligent announced a major investment from HGGC, a leading middle market private equity firm based in Palo Alto, California, right in the heart of the Silicon Valley.  The timing is perfect for me to ask André Lejeune, CEO and co-founder of Selligent, about what this development means for the future.


1. In this hyper competitive software market, what criteria brought HGGC to back Selligent?

A.L:  “When the investors saw how well our software compared to other products in the market, and saw the organic European growth the team at Selligent had accomplished, they decided they wanted to back a global growth plan for us. This is a major step in Selligent’s history, made possible by the contribution and commitment of every Selligent employee. On behalf of the board and the founders, Thierry (Téchy), Jan (Teerlinck) and myself, I would like to take the opportunity to thank HGGC.  HGGC believes that Selligent’s software platform is the right solution for brands globally looking to drive omnichannel engagement with today’s hyper connected consumer and of course I agree. Built on a native SaaS platform, Selligent combines a single view of the consumer, sophisticated campaign management and omnichannel campaign execution to enable brands to create unique consumer experiences across multiple channels. Selligent’s flexible architecture is ideal for brands that require fast deployment and flexibility as they build out their audience engagement capabilities. “


2. In concrete terms, what will this investment allow you to do?

A.L:  “HGGC’s investment will help the company expand into new markets organically and inorganically, particularly the United States, and broaden our technology platform. HGGC gives Selligent the operational expertise and network of relationships we will need to continue our progress as a leader in omnichannel marketing technology. We foresee a strong potential for active international growth which will stem from the success we have already achieved in Europe – in a multi-lingual, multi-cultural environment that must conform to stringent EU data privacy regulations. ”


3. Will this investment have an impact on the Customer & Partner ecosystem?

A.L: “Of course our customers come first and Selligent will continue to deliver the same level of excellence that they expect. Selligent will maintain its existing locations while expanding into new territories to be closer to new markets. Proximity remains one of the key factors of satisfaction of our customers and partners and we take customer satisfaction seriously. Beyond international expansion, the new capital will allow us to extend our platform capabilities into new channels, enrich our current core offering and integrate with new partners. In every step we take toward expansion and growth, we have our customers’ needs in mind. ”

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