Glorious Weather, Delicious Food and Beautiful surroundings - what more could you want?


The Roundtable "Klantbehoud" of Oxyma, one of Selligent's partners, took place in Rotterdam last week under a blaze of sunshine where some of the Netherlands most prominent companies discussed industry trends and the digital world.

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Among the participants were representatives from Vodafone Nederland, ING Bank, Nederlandse Spoorwegen (Dutch Railways) and Unilever.

They were very positive about the concept and Oxyma is very excited to organize another similar event in the very near future. 

You can visit the Oxyma Group website here for more information about how they optimize marketing and sales processes for their clients.

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2organise, a substituent part of the Oxyma Group, helped their client Kruidvat to win 2 Selligent Awards in 2012. You can watch the video here.

Selligent is proud to have @Oxyma as one of their partners.