This year’s Genesys customer conference, Xperience19, gave attendees a glimpse into the company’s focus on creating and celebrating solutions that bring together technologies to improve customer experiences. There were several key themes throughout the event that shed light on modern day marketer challenges and the vision for how to meet ever-rising consumer expectations.

Here are our top three takeaways from Xperience19:

AI is the Future 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) was a big topic at the conference, with many companies discussing current and future plans to implement AI to improve offerings. A big announcement from Genesys was its bigger commitment to leveraging AI for its contact center solutions. Destination CRM summed it up perfectly:

“Genesys[‘s new] AI-powered capabilities connect native and third-party technologies across voice and digital channels for comprehensive customer journey management. Genesys AI can orchestrate, measure, and optimize processes at every touchpoint. This enables businesses to tailor automation, communication channels, and marketing and sales offers for individual customers, introducing new levels of personalization.”

The significance of this announcement is the realization that marketing efficiency and automation still have a lot of room for growth. With a clear end goal of personalization in mind, AI can improve marketing by leaps and bounds. The general feeling is that AI is still at its infancy but ask any marketer that is focused on applying AI to data analytics or at-scale targeting and they’ll be the first to tell you that the last two years have been true game-changers for their day-to-day work. Genesys’s announcement will only thrust that momentum and trajectory forward.

Long-Overdue Need to Connect the Disconnected

The last few years have been heavily focused on data. Today, the conversation has shifted from aggregating data to making that data work for you. For marketers, a major theme centered on how AI and CX are going to come together, and the implications for both brands and consumers. What do brands need to do to set themselves up for success? On what level do customers need to engage in order to facilitate their own seamless customer experience? 

What’s clear is that the industry has taken a notice of this challenge. To that end, we announced a partnership with Genesys that builds that bridge across sales, service and marketing to 1) deliver a seamless customer experience that keep customers happy, 2) have better informed sales and service teams ready to provide real-time insights, 3) drive business growth and brand loyalty. Removing the silos provides one version of the truth across all consumer-facing functions, minimizing redundancies and increasing efficiency. Many industry analysts we met at the conference noted that “it’s about time!” Certainly long-overdue and we at Selligent are proud to be an anchor to delivering truly holistic customer experiences.

Client Success is King 

Throughout the event, attendees had no shortage of client success to soak in and learn from. Xpererience19 did an excellent job of showcasing how brands like Coca Cola, Microsoft and Whirlpool are using connected Genesys technology to drive big wins – and those results were showcased at its 14th annual Customer Innovation Awards. These brands are extending our ideas of what CX means to customers and how to deliver what they want.

Genesys Xperience19 was a fantastic week-long look at how connectivity, AI and having stronger connections between marketing, sales and the contact center can deliver big gains to any brand looking to bring customer experiences that truly delight consumers, improve business efficiencies, and drive growth.

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