The Game was Messi!


Lionel Messi showed why he is considered the best footballer in the world Saturday night, July 5. Just before the half time whistle, he targeted Ángel Di María from 35 metres - straight down the pitch. The forward for the Spanish giants, FC Barcelona, as well as the Argentine National Team, 4 time FIFA Ballon d'Or winner, showed his majesty on the grass.

The number 10 shirt was inspired in the first half on Saturday as he weaved, tackled and tied the opponent's defence into knots and nearly came close to a goal late in the second half. Despite his talent, it was not Messi who scored on Saturday night. It was Gonzalo Higuaín. Di Maria nicely set up a half volley for Higuaín who powered the ball into the back of the net. First and only goal of the match coming in the 8th minute.

Regardless, Maradona's anointed successor, Lionel Messi, is still the hero of los Albicelestes. He remains the one who the Argentines believe can overcome the Netherlands and the player who they want to lift the Trophy on July 13. But there lays the flaw. A soccer team is not just one person who is a Herculean hero; a soccer team has 22 heroes! They play together; they have the passion; they commit to the cause and they participate as a team. The other team on Saturday night was Gallant Little Belgium who now have 22 national heroes. 

From a range of different backgrounds, Gallant Little Belgium's team, the Red Devils as they are known in their native land, are a team. Working together, they destroyed Russia, Algeria and South Korea to top their group with a whopping 9 points to proceed against Tim Howard, the goal keeper of Everton and USA. They faced Argentina, in a rerun of 1986's epic match where the Red Devils lost by 2-0. Maradona's Argentina won the 1986 World Cup and so did Gallant Little Belgium that year. They united a country and returned to a hero's welcome to Brussels' famous Grand Place.

Selligent is following the progress of the World Cup 2014 very closely. Headquartered in Belgium with subsidiaries in France, Germany, Spain, USA and close links with the Netherlands, it is not hard to see why during the past month, the office has been alight with analyses, opinions and predictions on each of the tournaments mighty battles. 

Selligent has what the Red Devils have: passion, commitment to the cause and teamwork. Since Selligent was established, we have continually put passion into the product that we design and build. We are committed to the experience that we give to our partners and clients and above all, we do this all as one team. 

Our product is at the forefront of marketing automation technology. It harnesses the power of data to empower your business to create 360° degree profiles of the visitors to your brand: from where, how and when they arrive. The cornerstone of our success is understanding the customer, guiding them towards the product or service which is best suited to their needs, convince them to buy and then nurture them by building on the experience by which they have had, each step of the way.

Selligent knows that it can bring the fight to the big guys and succeed. Just like the Belgian Red Devils brought the fight against the USA and Russia in the last 2 weeks. We do this without a chauvinistic attitude or an inferiority complex. Gallant Little Belgium was written off countless times in the past but they remain strong, passionate and committed. They may not have won on Saturday, but one is sure that the names of Kompany, De Bruyne and Mertens will be remembered across Belgium and at Selligent for a long time to come.