Client Success Manager (CSM) is a position that requires good communication skills, the ability to work with different roles and personalities, and being able to shift from servicing clients’ day-to-day needs to offering strategic advice to push them to succeed.

In our latest #LifeAtSelligent interview series, we chatted with Bernard Boas, one of our CSM’s in Belgium, to get insight into what his role entails, how he ended up in this industry and what it takes to be successful.

Tell us how you got into this “client success” role.  

I actually started my career working in a call center while completing my undergraduate degree. What I quickly found was that I was more interested in developing and nurturing long-term customer and client relationships rather than prospecting.

I went from working in call centers to becoming an account manager, which was interesting for me in the beginning but quickly lost its sizzle. Again, I think this was because I really enjoy developing dep relationships with clients. My account manager role in particular was in the online ads space, so while our sales cycles were short, that also meant that it was easy for clients to switch from one provider to another. Often this meant higher client turnover, which for me meant more prospecting.

While I was not really looking to make a move career-wise, I received a call from a headhunter about a client success role at Selligent, and it immediately caught my attention. The description just seemed too good to be true – it was everything that I was looking for in a job, really allowing me to gain relationships with clients rather than switching accounts very often.  

What made you join Selligent?

The role itself was really interesting and that is what I gravitated towards; it was a major contributor to making the decision to join Selligent. In addition to the role description, a few factors contributed to making the final call to join the company.

First, I demo’d the Selligent Marketing Cloud platform and saw how powerful it was. I also researched the company and its clients and was very impressed with the results they have been able to deliver for clients.

Another reason why I joined was how comfortable I felt with the team. I met a few team members in the process of interviewing, which I appreciated. Having supportive colleagues that act as a second family was a major aspect that I was looking for and Selligent fulfilled that.

How is Selligent different from other companies you’ve worked at?

Selligent was in a completely different sector than the other places that I have worked in the past. We were founded in Belgium and still have a large footprint in Europe, but we’re also very international, allowing for a wide range of brands to collaborate with. I also enjoy meeting people from other cultures and countries – I think it widens my perspective.

While Selligent is a fairly established and successful company, what set it apart in my view, was that it still had a “startup mentality,” which is refreshing. What I mean is that our teams are very open-minded, helpful and has a “no job is above me” mentality.

Selligent also provides me an opportunity to really make an impact – not just within the company but also with my clients. At previous jobs, I felt like I was just another employee, just a number in the system, whereas here, my voice is heard, my recommendations to both clients and our teams are taken into account. It’s a great atmosphere and there is camaraderie and true team spirit.

Describe your day-to-day work at Selligent.

Working as a CSM at Selligent requires a great amount of communication. Normally, I start my day by reading and replying to emails. I check my calendar to see what meetings I have scheduled, then it’s a full day of client and team meetings and discussions.  

Internally, I speak to different teams -- talking with our Technical Project Managers (TPM’s) to ensure that my client’s projects are running smoothly. If I have any client feedback on our product, I share that with my boss and my team, and eventually field it to our product and engineering teams.

Essentially, no day is ever the same in my role – which is great because it keeps me on my toes. There is also a great amount of flexibility in my schedule here. As long as my projects are completed, I manage my own calendar, obviously, with guidance from my team.

What is your favorite part about working at Selligent?

Working at Selligent is like no other. Teams work closely together and the satisfaction of our clients is my number one priority. My team is very open-minded and supportive. Nothing is ever off the table or a bad idea. Having the autonomy to do my job, of course with guidance, is also very satisfying in that I am trusted to carry out my duties.

What do you do for fun?

Outside of the workplace, I spend my days with our newborn son and my fiancé. Spending time with family is a major priority in my life.

My fiancé and I also recently bought a house and we’re starting to make the place really feel like ours. We are also in the middle of wedding planning since we recently got engaged. So I’m also keeping busy outside of Selligent with my family.

If you’re looking to join an experienced team that’s committed to delivering outstanding client experience balanced with a focus on creating business impact, join our team! Check out our CSM openings in our Braine L'Alleud/Hasselt and Munich offices. Or, check out our Careers page for other openings.

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