Holograms, 3D printers, next-gen lead generation tools, and a snow-white-style selfie mirror – there was no shortage of interactivity and inspiration last week in London at the Marketing Week Live event. From April 27 to 28, the annual trade fair at the Olympia grounds in West Kensington brought together the best and brightest marketing minds in the UK and beyond for two days of networking and inspiration.

This year’s event marked an opportunity to share Selligent’s consumer-first approach to a UK audience through conversations at our booth, our Silver sponsorship exposure and a thought leadership presentation hosted by our CMO Nick Worth and Samsung’s Head of Ownership and Loyalty, Laura Jamison.

Selligent CMO Nick Worth presents to a packed room

Titled “At Journey’s End – How Hyper-Connectivity is Changing Everything,” the presentation explored the impact of connected devices and hyper-connectivity on marketing. Nick emphasized the importance of a consumer-first marketing approach to not only keep up with the pace of change, but to stay ahead of the curve.

Laura Jamison – from Selligent client Samsung – brought the story to life by showcasing consumer-first marketing at its best. Her presentation provided listeners with insights into both the strategy and the tactics surrounding the launch of Samsung’s flagship product, the Galaxy S7, across 21 European countries.


Samsung’s Laura Jamison on the podium outlining consumer-first marketing in actio


Key Takeaways: ‘Hyper-connected’ & ‘Always-on’

Nick kicked off proceedings with his message: “It is crucial to understand and explore how mobile dominates our lives today as consumers.”

When reaching audiences on mobile, Nick asked the MWL audience to think deeply about how and when we market to them. In a world where the consumer is hyper-connected, we should no longer be focused on the full customer journey. Instead, marketers need to more effectively target the critical moments in the customer journey – so-called micro-moments.


Shift from channels to moments

“Channels are the piping that connects brands to consumers,” Nick said, emphasizing that channels are not moments. Instead of being channel-focussed, marketers need to find the critical moments to engage and talk with their audiences in both a relevant and contextual way. The most important thing is to put the consumer first. Always.

Case in point was Samsung’s Galaxy S7 launch. Jamison outlined how Samsung successfully engaged with its audience in a meaningful way by harnessing the power of data and combining it with a consumer-first approach. By specifically segmenting customers to prioritize communications differently and by placing a premium on relevancy and personalized messaging, the campaign was tailored for each individual user to drive awareness and pre-sign ups around the upcoming product launch.


Trust and Empathy

Two key pillars in a successful consumer-first approach are the inclusion of trust and empathy at the center of your marketing efforts.

So how did Samsung do this effectively?

  • Samsung used customer insights to make its marketing contextually relevant based on each consumer’s specific preferences.  
  • Samsung acted with integrity and respect for customer privacy by giving consumers the chance to easily express their preferences, whether these were about channels, volumes, or topics.

A starting point towards figuring out the right level of trust and empathy as a marketers is straightforward. Put yourself in the consumer’s shoes and ask yourself: “What would I be comfortable with?” Then set about delivering rewarding content that is situational, contextual, and delivered via the right channel to create better engagement. 

The wait for a Yoda hologram continues at MWL

Delivering real-time, relevant communications to customers is critical to nailing consumer-first marketing. Enhance every consumer-brand interaction by looking beyond the full journey to focus on the critical moments that can have a huge impact on deepening customer relationships and loyalty.

Get that right and perhaps a snow-white-style selfie mirror will show your customers that your brand is the fairest of them all.  

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