Tales of all-night parties. Brags about killer deals. And anecdotes about subpar $1000 rooms. Welcome to a city bursting at its seams. Welcome to dmexco digital marketing trade fair in Cologne.
Touted as the world’s ultimate digital marketing event, Selligent was smack bang in the middle of the madness for the 5th year running. Getting a share of voice among +50,000 visitors and +1000 international exhibitors is no mean feat – so our team got to work.

Beyond Pokemon – Truly Augmenting Visitors’ Reality

With AR a hot topic off the back of the Pokemon Go craze, we worked with a prototyping agency partner Kazendi to create an AR demo designed to attract visitors to the booth and to inspire marketers to start thinking what AR will mean to their business. 
Using Microsoft’s HoloLens – not yet available in Europe yet and considered the Holy Grail of AR Devices – we created the world’s first shared holographic experience. Visitors put on the HoloLens and were guided through a holographic experience of our Campaign software by an expert.

From Drag & Drop to Grab & Drop

Visitors could grab and drop holographic campaign icons onto an empty campaign journey map, going through a unique and immersive experience of campaign software. A new futuristic booth design, as well as AR case studies, helped round off the experience.
And whilst visitors had the headsets on, we snapped a picture, linked the data to their registration, and triggered an email via the Selligent Platform: It was real-time marketing automation at its best!
The results were astounding: Lines of people waiting for up to 45 minutes to experience the HoloLens, high interest from customers and prospects, as well as unprecedented coverage in major trade publications.
Welcome to a trade fair booth bursting at its seams.
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