AOL has announced that starting in February of 2017, it will take over managing Verizon customer email accounts. Verizon customer email accounts will be migrated to AOL’s infrastructure in multiple waves over the span of approximately 90 days. Upon notification, Verizon customers will have 30 days to move their account over to AOL. After 30 days, un-migrated accounts will be deleted. accounts that have not logged in for more than 90 days will also be deleted.

As a sender, you’ll want to make sure you’re aligned with this move to avoid negative impacts of sending to closed or abandoned accounts. Here are some suggestions to best prepare for the change:

  1. Create a dedicated engagement campaign to send to all your addresses. This campaign should be designed to engage with and qualify these users by way of removing any invalids (which shouldn’t be significant, unless you’ve not engaged with these users for over 60 days), and identifying which ones are valid by the opens generated. This may take 2 or 3 sends (2 is recommended, best not to exceed 3) to collect as many valid users as possible. Be advised that sending more than the recommended amount may negatively impact delivery and sending reputation.
    • Link to a Preference Center where users can confirm their opt-in to each available mailing as well as their preferred mailing cadence.
    • Offer the user an option to update their email address.
  2. Verizon and AOL will revoke un-migrated accounts around the end of April, so plan to complete execution of the above campaign before mid-April.
  3. Of the users included in the above campaign, be prepared to remove users who have not opened at least 1 message by the end of April. These accounts are likely to be closed and continued sending to these addresses will no longer serve any value after that timeframe. Additionally, sending to these unresponsive accounts may cause delivery and sending reputation damage.


Good list hygiene requires ongoing effort. There are many factors that affect list quality after initial collection, including account abandonment and closures such as what we’re prepared to see as part of Verizon’s migration to AOL.

Please reach out to your Selligent Relationship Manager with questions or for help implementing these best practices recommendations.

Happy sending!

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