100km in 30hours – with a little help from Selligent


It must be said that the Trailwalker organized recently by Oxfam France is a real show of physical prowess that it is considered one of the greatest sporting challenges of the world! Travelling 100 km in less than 30 hours, it is not a walk but "an extraordinary human adventure" say walkers.

Last Saturday, 17th of May, the Selligent sponsored team, Purs100, set off at 7:00 through the Parc Naturel Régional du Morvan in the heart of France's wine producing region, Burgundy. So began 30 hours of walking through a wooded mountainous area on a course of no less than 4800m height difference etween two points. 

Oxfam _3



With a good pace, the Purs100 team wanted to complete the walk in 28 hours. Gaining momentum -the pain began to appear during the first 10km. The team had to lengthen the night breaks because it became increasingly difficult to continue. Energy fell clearly: "The last stages of the morning were difficult for our knees and ankles. We performed the last 5km like a snail, constantly looking at our watches" reflects Florent Destors of Selligent France. Nevertheless, the Purs100 team crossed the finish line at 13:00 exactly on Sunday, 18th of May. 

"The arrival and the last 100m was a sprint which came from nowhere in the style of Usain Bolt in the Olympic Games. It was magnificent!" remarked a relieved but proud Florent.


Congratulations to the team Purs100!


Selligent is proud to have his name associated with this sporting challenge and a show of such teamwork. In total, over €413,000 was raised this year thanks to the French leg of Trailwalker for Oxfam projects against injustice and poverty in the developing world.