Enterprise sales is a tough gig. It requires a balance of strategy, creativity, and tenacity, and quite simply, a relentless drive to win. And of course, a collaborative team behind you is crucial. 

We recently sat down with one of our Senior Account Executives, Pattie Robinson, to learn how she ended up at Selligent Marketing Cloud and what it takes to be successful in her role. 

Describe how you got into sales as a career. 

I started my career in the tech industry in a role that was then called “Sales Accounting;” most people would probably know it as “sales support” today. I was a liaison between sales and legal, ensuring that deals are streamlined throughout that process, including processing commissions. And I thought to myself: wow, I should be getting these commissions! Money was definitely a huge driver. 

I approached our SVP of sales and told him that I think I have what it takes to be a sales executive. A week later, I presented to a Sales VP to be considered for an entry-level sales position – and I’ve never looked back! 

What made you join Selligent Marketing Cloud? How is it different from your past companies? 

I joined Selligent for a few reasons – first, I saw the caliber of talent within the company and the tenure of the leadership I met during the interview process. I could tell that it was a place where I could still learn even after doing this for so many years, which is important to me. 

Second, Selligent’s company size was also very attractive. I came from a company that was bought by a massive enterprise company and it was very rigid and structured. They would say – here’s your price book and the contract, work with it. There was no deviating from the set ways they had even if some of them did not work or fit a prospect’s requirements. We basically had to follow a “rule book,” so to speak.

Selligent is the perfect size, and my early conversations with leadership made it very clear to me that creativity is valued here – and that I would be equipped to be successful in my role. Of course we still have guidelines to follow but there is no “sales prevention” atmosphere. The team is in it with you to win it.   

Highlights from our 2019 Revenue Kickoff  

What’s your favorite part about your role? What makes you excited about coming to work every day? 

My favorite part about my role is having the freedom and flexibility to be successful. There is no linear path to a sales opportunity so I appreciate having that latitude in order to land deals. It’s like having my own business – I have a territory and while there are guidelines, it is not so rigid and I can infuse some creativity into it.

Of course, I can’t be successful without a supportive, cross-functional team around me. We have a small but really diverse team here at Selligent that I can learn something new from someone every day. Having a tight team combined with the stability of an established company is a great balance.   

At my last company, there was a lack of camaraderie and support. Even when I won a massive $2 or $3 million dollar deal, no one celebrated with me there! It’s the complete opposite here at Selligent as everyone supports your success. 

Knowing that what I contribute to the company matters is a great feeling. And of course, the financial upside is probably my favorite part of my role.  

What does life outside of Selligent look like for you?

I love working out and spending time with my family. I also love to travel; I just went on a safari in South Africa recently. I also love the beach, especially the Caribbean. 


If you’re a self-motivated deal-maker with a relentless desire to win – we’d like to hear from you! Work alongside Pattie and our collaborative sales team. Check out our SAE opening: https://boards.greenhouse.io/selligent/jobs/1574332

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