What tactics and goals do e-mail marketers focus on?


MarketingSherpa posted an interesting graphic, showing the main priorities - and tactics - in e-mail marketing. As the company mentions, limited marketing budgets often force marketers to focus on the needs of campaigns and programs on one hand and limited resources on the other.

The first priority and resulting set of tactics is related to maintaining the efficiency and effectiveness of e-mail marketing. Conversion optimization in general seems a priority in times where many budgets have been cut and ROI is key.

An interesting finding is that the integration of e-mail and other marketing tactics and also data systems, rank high on the agenda as well.

Integration around the customer is essential (and doesn't have to be difficult)

And that's good news as integration around the customer is the road to success in serving the multi-channel consumer when, where and how he wants. Furthermore, this integration also leads to a better view of the customer and thus allows improved profiling, targeting and segmentation.

The result? More efficient campaigns and programs. Indeed, the main goal of most e-mail marketers.

Integration proves to be difficult to implement, MarketingSherpa says. The good news: it doesn't have to be. Check out how Selligent is built with multi-channel integration around the customer in mind.

Other tactics and priorities include segmentation, delivering relevant content, testing and of course deliverability.

Do you want to integrate around the customer? Discover how Selligent enables it.

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Check out MarketingSherpa's graph below.


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