What are the most efficient marketing channels?


Consumers dispose of an increasing number of channels to interact with businesses. Obviously, the same applies to marketers seeking interactions with consumers.

MarketingSherpa published a chart showing what factors influence the decision of marketers to pick their primary marketing channel(s).

The data comes from the company's lead generation report and indicates the level of effectiveness is crucial, while the degree of difficulty (of the channel) does not affect the use of specific channels and tactics.

While more and more marketers move to digital channels, the offline tactics still play an important role as well.

There is no such thing as a best marketing channel for your business and customers

MarketingSherpa advises to ask ourselves which channels will convert audiences. The company writes 'When your targets receive the same message from you via multiple channels, you create a consistent and engaging experience'.

Maybe that advice should be completed. The question is not which channels show the best results but what's the best mix of efficient channels for different consumer segments and individual customers. We can't permit ourselves to look at the single channel anymore, nor can we limit ourselves to discover what's most efficient 'in general'. It's all about the consumer.

Cross-channel marketing, personalization, behavioral targeting and segmentation all are key, as is a smart and effective communication mix.

Customer experiences are not only about messages

Furthermore, we should go beyond the messaging dimension when looking at consistent and engaging experiences. Looking at the best channels "to send the same message", as the post indicates, can lead to marketing and message fatigue.

A relevant and consistent customer experience matters most of all. And it isn't only about sending messages. It involves all contact moments, online and offline, marketing and customer service, etc.

The customer sees your brand and company as one. Smart scenarios offering consistent experiences, while avoiding marketing fatigue, across all channels, messages and campaigns is essential.

Don't ask yourself what channel works best. Ask yourself what combinations work best per segment, both in the short (conversion) and long run (satisfaction).

Achieving cross-channel consistency and optimizing conversions per segment and even individual consumer is exactly what Selligent enables you to do, via automated scenarios and human interventions when appropriate.

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