Understanding and leveraging social sharing


Social sharingUseful, compelling, personalized and unique content is increasingly important to get the attention of prospects and customers and build dialogues with them. By integrating social media in your marketing mix, you can strengthen the impact and reach of your campaigns and interact with your connections and their networks. All it requires is share-worthy content.

Selligent Interactive Marketing has been offering social sharing functions for a while now with a quite unique feature: they enable you to follow the social sharing power of all your recipients through the whole life cycle of the content they have shared!

It’s important to understand why people share content and how they do it.

Measuring viral impact and social influence

It's also important to enable it when and where it's relevant but for marketers, it’s equally crucial to understand what’s the viral impact and who are the real social influencers, even in their email list, exactly what Selligent Interactive Marketing enables them to do.

Social sharing with Selligent Interactive MarketingIn the latest update of Selligent Interactive Marketing, these sharing features are further enhanced with new social networks (since the launch of the feature Google has launched its quite successful social network Google+, for instance).

Furthermore, the images used for social buttons can be set dynamically, based on user properties or article properties. The social buttons can also include counters and enable taxonomy and categories to be set.

Discover the power of social sharing with Selligent Interactive Marketing in this post and read more about social sharing trends and the impact of it on conversion here.

Contact us if you want to leverage your content to create social interactions and add a social dimension to your online marketing mix.

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