Let’s face it. Digital marketing is not for the faint of heart. We’re supposed to be pioneers on the cutting edge of new technologies and whatever latest #buzzwords the industry is pumping out - all while delivering hands-on results and marketing ROI, and messing around to figure out the latest marketing automation software.

With your CFO is already questioning that marketing software budget, your new AI marketing needs to be bringing in sales and hit those marketing goals – or else!

The pressure is turned to the max. But as digital marketers, we have to keep looking cool, composed, successful, and perfectly in control at all times. Except for those moments when we’re alone in front of our screens as we come face-to-face with the day’s latest triumphs and catastrophes. Just us and our emotions... and maybe the team's slack chat. Here are our favorite extreme marketing moments:

1) What the heck?!

Just opened the new CRM reporting tool for the first time. Having a major anxiety attack! Breathebreathebreathe…

2) Things are going great!

Your video ad went viral! Next step, a Digital Lion at The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Unless everyone moves on to the next #brandnewhype, the week after.

3) Oops!

You just accidentally sent the automated GDPR opt-in email to every single customer FIVE TIMES!

4) Score!

You just hit marketing gold. And you have the metrics to prove it.

5) #Facepalm

Turns out, we’ve been counting our own clicks as success metrics all these past years.

6) Is anyone still there?!

It started with work-from-home Fridays. Then your entire department went to working remotely. Now nobody is responding to your messages. Is everyone, like, okay?

7) Yay!

Your office just got one of these water coolers with fizzy flavored water! Total life changer!

8) It’s a trap!

Our emails hit those spam traps one too many times and you got blacklisted. Should have cleaned those email lists…

9) King for a day

Your company just took over your biggest competitor. There can only be one King in the North. But wait, who’s going to be doing the hand-holding while onboarding their platform?! Ah, bummer…

10) We have a problem

It’s peak holiday sales season, your CRM database just crashed, and the IT department is already out for the end of the year. HELP!!! Someone?!

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