‘Tis the season for joyful giving and Santa’s elves are working overtime to make customers happy. Guess who else is always working overtime to make customers happy? That’s right: digital marketers.

Time to share the joy and shine a light on the digital marketing expert in your life with some goodies from our Ultimate 2018 Holiday Gift Guide. Books, gadgets, lifestyle accessories – here are seven gift ideas for everyone on your list:

When you’re hanging with digital marketers, you’re always competing for who can come up with the best campaign slogan. Decorate your marketing friend's desk with this USB-rechargeable marquee lightbox to keep the puns and fun times rolling. Don’t forget to pre-load it with a cheeky message before you wrap it up!

This gift is for that friend who’s really into “growing their personal brand” (a.k.a posting selfies) and experimenting with different channels. Lend a helping hand by giving them this semi-pro, handheld smartphone gimbal stabilizer to stabilize video clips and still images they might be taking. With built-in sensors and motors to counter vibrations, this is the ultimate phone accessory they’ll want when running, hiking, swimming, or even riding a skateboard while filming (maybe package this with a helmet while you’re at it…).

Speaking of cubicles - don’t you just love it when you’re churning out #winning marketing copy and campaign strategies and your colleague walks up and bursts your attention bubble?! Mitigate the effects of your open plan office by drawing a line in the sand with your ‘DO NOT DISTURB’ desk sign. Nobody will interrupt your flow unless they come at you with a giant NERF gun from last year’s gifts.

Marketers enjoy growth! Score points with a non-materialistic gift by helping a nonprofit plant new trees in your friend’s name. The National Forest Foundation plants one tree for every dollar you donate, and organizations like One Tree Planted participate in reforestation projects across the globe.


Books make us better marketers – and look amazingly learned at the coffee shop. For starters, we have compiled a list of The 5 Books Every Engagement Marketer Needs to Read. And fresh off the press, may we recommend a work co-authored by our CMO Nick Worth? Marketing to the Entitled Consumer: How to Turn Unreasonable Expectations into Lasting Relationships is the secret sauce for scoring marketing wins in today’s digitally disrupted marketplace.

Don’t discount this classic office gift- there are actually really great ones out there. And best of all, a professional-quality, insulated drinking bottle will help your colleague/friend save the environment AND practice self-care by keeping hydrated. Opt for one from a trusted outdoor brand – what works in the wilderness is good enough for crunch-time in the office cubicle.

For another gift that’s not a thing, give the gift of meditation. Sign your marketer friend up for yoga classes or guided meditation at a local studio. A little mindfulness and exercise go a long way in recharging those creative batteries and keeping energy levels up. Pair up your gift with a personalized yoga mat, a subscription to a meditation smartphone app, and luxury tea for the full mind and body package.

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