Digital marketing moves fast and that’s how we like it. But it’s also a field where changing tastes or algorithms can obliterate even the most carefully laid strategies. To help get you started on your journey to becoming a lifelong learner and better marketer, we’ve combed through dozens of marketing blogs and assembled a list of the most helpful, most thought-provoking and most innovative resources


Check out Mark Shaefer’s thought-provoking blog, GROW. Shaefer is a celebrated marketing strategist and author of six best-selling marketing books, some of which have been recognized as one of the best-selling books on Twitter, by the American Library Association, and INC. Magazine. To reinvigorate your approach and to rethink the way consumers engage with companies, this blog is the gold standard.

Email on Acid

If email is the workhorse channel for your marketing department, this blog offers tons of immediately applicable ideas and nuggets of inspiration. Email on Acid updates regularly not only with examples of companies testing new concepts like augmented reality, but also technical content to explain practical tips, like how to embed HTML5 video into an email.


The Shopify blog writes from both the retailer’s and the consumer’s perspective. For many marketers, the hardest part of relationship marketing is to get into the mind of the consumer and the Shopify blog dispenses colorful, approachable advice for staying relevant. From testing voice ads to social media ideas while customers are in-store, Shopify makes the concept of digital marketing come to life in the real world.

Customer Think

Another customer-focused blog, bloggers with backgrounds in everything from customer experience to CRM provide lots of helpful how-to’s, industry research, and case studies featuring companies with good customer marketing strategies. Best of all, these guys aren’t afraid to approach hot-button subjects - such as what to do with angry customers and how to avoid losing market share during Q4, or what they call the holiday “failure zone.”

The ANA Blog - Marketing Maestros

The ANA is one of the most active brand marketing organizations in the US, with lots of great events, case studies, and research projects. So, it’s no surprise that their blog has great research and a good focus on the marketing organization itself. In between all of the blue-chip case studies, the ANA delivers advice on best practices for planning, creating KPIs, increasing diversity, campaign coordination, and a lot more.


One of the biggest and most popular marketing blogs, HubSpot delivers an “everything but the kitchen sink” approach to their content. For the relationship marketer, HubSpot’s blog provides a single destination to get real-life advice for the core channels of email, social, mobile and SEO. The blog is designed to be an antidote to the daily pains marketers go through to keep their customer communications fresh. From alternatives to “we’d love to hear from you,” to ideas for holiday headlines, it’s a great idea generator in the heat of battle.

Neil Patel

For anyone that used to read the KissMetrics blog, former employee and entrepreneur extraordinaire Neil Patel purchased the site a little over a year ago and improved on the original. Now featuring useful information for marketers and a focus on customer acquisition, SEO, and other performance marketing pursuits, the new blog is a more motivating and passionate iteration of the previous.

The blog has a massive archive that’s easily searchable, with many posts featuring a treasure trove of analytics, content, and SEO best practices that are guaranteed to improve your response from customers.

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