Survey: online and offline data in cross-channel marketing


In order to be efficient by having one-to-one and personalized customer interactions, combining data from different touchpoints is essential. Obviously, this does not only apply to data, gathered from online interactions, even if digital keeps growing significantly.

With Selligent Interactive Marketing, we always had an approach that revolves around the individual consumer and whereby offline contact moments, and data are being put at work to increase overall efficiency and conversion. Furthermore, we have been advocating the integration of marketing with CRM and other customer data systems.

It's rather self-evident that data shouldn't be integrated for the sake of it and that everything depends on what you need to serve the needs of your consumers and realize your business goals. It's also quite obvious that online data can be used to improve offline interactions and experiences.

A recent survey, quoted by MarketingCharts, shows that 90% of global company marketers believe that using online data to optimize offline customer experiences will either be very important (51% of respondents) or quite important (39% of respondents) in the next years. Similar findings were found among agency respondents.

Marketers go cross-channel in 2012

It shouldn't come as a surprise that the opposite goes as well: offline data will prove crucial to optimize online experiences. The fact that marketers are proactively looking to combine online and offline data is again proof that they realize cross-channel interaction is important to engage the modern consumer. The report found that 73% of company respondents will invest more in a cross-channel approach this year. 75% of agency respondents think the same will happen among their clients.

It's increasingly clear that 2012 is becoming the year of integration and cross-channel strategies when looking at reports and opinion pieces that are released almost every single day.

At Selligent, we have cross-channel marketing in our DNA, and our goal is to help you get it in your marketing DNA as well.

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