Holiday season or not, it’s all about walking in your customer’s shoes. In the age of social media, every consumer expects to be treated like a VIP - so companies need to adjust their engagements accordingly. A three out of four consumers expect companies to treat them as individuals, not as members of a segment (like “millennials” or “suburban mothers”). And one out of every four consumers finds that companies are shockingly bad at leveraging their data to provide great customer service.

The problem is that most brands still struggle with disconnected marketing tech stacks and cobbled-together data infrastructures. That’s why Selligent Marketing Cloud has been built as the one-stop platform to inject marketing with personal relevance for every single consumer. Our clients send messaging across every channel, often millions at a time, in a way that ensures every automated message feels personal, every intelligent product recommendation appears hand-picked, and the timing and channel is always right. Our clients rely on our platforms key advantages:

A Great Foundation

Hyper-personalization requires knowing previous likes, purchases, and behaviors while also factoring in current situational needs. Updated in real time, rich data points for each customer are maintained in one place even when collected from disparate channels:  Universal Consumer Profiles.

Seamless Data Integration

Selligent Marketing Cloud achieves a single customer view by making verified, first-party customer data seamlessly available across all channels. From marketing to retail to customer service – companies always know who the customer is to avoid negative experiences and deliver one-to-one personalization.

Omnichannel Reach and Situational Relevance

In a single platform, our platform transforms rich customer intelligence into hyper-personalized omnichannel campaigns. Automated journeys, dynamic content, and send time optimization create real-time marketing with personal relevance that reaches every consumer at the right moment.

The AI Advantage: Selligent Cortex

Selligent Marketing Cloud’s AI capabilities, called Selligent Cortex, puts customer data to work by taking on the heavy lifting in everyday marketing activities such as: delivering laser-focused marketing segmentation, individual customer journeys, and recommendations based on behavioral marketing (Offer AI). It’s the future of hyper-personalized marketing – and is natively integrated into our platform.  

At Selligent Marketing Cloud, we've designed our platform with a customer-centric approach we call consumer-first marketing. It’s a mixture of collecting the most up-to-date intelligence about consumers and their preferences, then transforming these insights into personalized engagement across all channels – always putting the consumer in the center of all initiatives. It’s also a matter of being aware of consumer expectations – both direct and indirect ones – which tend to ride especially high during the most wonderful time of the year.

Find out more by downloading the white paper below.

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