Social sharing: identifying influencers and acting accordingly


Shopping attitudes, buying processes and media consumption are changing constantly. In recent years, we have witnessed a shift towards social interactions, on top of an increasingly empowered and channel-agnostic consumer. Seeking information online and sharing it is subject to change as well, as is recommending products or services to others.

When sharing activities and recommendations are measured and used in a cross-channel marketing strategy, the opportunities are endless.

Flows of shared information and content enable marketers to learn more about their customers and consumers in general. It allows them to optimize their offerings, touch points and interactions.

Social sharing scores

Using advanced sharing mechanisms that track what happens with content over several shares and social filters, such as provided in Selligent Interactive Marketing, also allows them to identify influencers among, for instance, their email recipients.

Selligent offers reporting on social sharing activities and automatically updates a sharing score for each subscriber of your list. This enriches the user profile and can be used for selection and personalization. This way, Selligent will identify your brand advocates and allow you to detect the most important influencers in your user lists. As friends click on shared messages, Selligent records this in the profile of the recipient who originally shared the message.

A thorough understanding of how people share content, why they do it and what drives the social consumer is of the utmost importance in a cross-channel marketing strategy, certainly when product recommendations, reviews and purchasing behavior are linked to it.

The science of sharing

In a report, called 'the science of sharing', Next Fifteen focused on the psychology of sharing. The study looked at how consumers share their likes and dislikes of what they have purchased. According to "Science of Sharing" this type of recommendation and sharing of opinions is a huge part of the sales process from thought to purchase.

Word of mouth has always been important and people have been sharing recommendations and information before the advent of social. However, even if the most word of mouth still happens offline, it's meaningful to be able to identify the most active sharers in your lists.  Secondly, it's important to see how the different types of sharers that exist (see the illustration below and check out the PDF with detailed information here) and the degrees in which people share, correlate with product recommendations and purchases, for instance. 

The results will be different for each industry and even businesses in regard to the target groups and their social sharing behavior. 

Segmentation and personalization: socializing the user profile

By adding sharing scores to your contacts and segmenting, based on social sharing data, new opportunities arise, regarding targeting, personalization and developing specific marketing programs. When using product reviews, surveys and social proof in your multi-channel campaigns, these possibilities become even bigger.

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