Social media and email lessons: why integration matters


When you think about it, there are many similarities between social media and email. As our guest blogger, J-P De Clerck, wrote on The Email Guide a few years ago, both are about trust and respect, relevant content, personalisation and integration.

Especially that last part is important: integration around the customer. Richard Gascoyne wrote a blog post last week mentioning three lessons social marketers can learn from email marketers.

And what is coming back in the third lesson? Indeed, integration. We don't integrate for the sake of it but because all marketing efforts, whether it's social, email or something else, revolve around the customer.

And that's what Richard also says when writing integration unlocks value.

Integration, data, targeting and segmentation: it's about reconnecting

Integration, Richard reminds us, helps deepen prospect profiling for future targeting and segmentation. Social data should not sit in a silo but get in the core marketing database. This way it will add rich insight and intelligence to all marketing channels, Richard concludes.

For us, it's about more than insights and social data. It's about all customer data we need in order to act upon the insights we acquire. The goal is not to have as many data as possible but to gather the right data. In the end, it's not about insights but about how we use them and what data we need to fulfil our marketing goals and meet the needs of customers and prospects, regardless of the channels.

This is essential in Selligent's view whereby channels and data serve business goals and revolve around the customer, relevance, value and the actions needed to offer great customer experiences, leading to higher revenue and stronger customer relationships.

Or as our slogan says: it's time to reconnect with the consumer and integrate around him and his needs.

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