Is SMS the forgotten child of mobile marketing?


SMS and mobile marketingMobile, social and local are hot topics in marketing, certainly when combined. Even if most attention went to social media marketing in recent years, the evolutions in the mobile world are probably even more important.

Mobile apps and second screen engagement, along with location-based technologies, fascinate us all. Mobile marketing has been talked about for many years, but now it is clearly on the wish list of many businesses. In fact, there is no such thing as mobile marketing: it’s really an umbrella term for several – very different – forms of using mobile devices in a marketing context.

Although apps are among the most debated topics, and they will become more important, the truth is that most consumers today still use their mobile devices to call, read email or browse the Web, and to send and receive SMS messages.

As Econsultancy wrote in a blog this week, it’s indeed 'easy to forget about SMS these days' and 'SMS is not on its way out.'

SMS can fulfill many goals in a cross-channel marketing approach

From a marketing and customer-centric perspective, SMS is often used in integrated scenarios and flows. Opt-in and clear permission and privacy statements are crucial since texting, and mobile as a whole, are seen as very personal environments.

While text messaging and mobile email are seen as more mature, the combination of mobile, social and location-based is becoming mainstream, and it will not be long before maturity levels are reached. It seems that integration will be the way to go here as well. Regarding mobile apps, research shows many apps become dormant after having been downloaded and used for a while.

SMS is also often integrated with email marketing, whereby the channels reinforce each other, and within a B2B context.

Creating ideal conditions to combine marketing and mobility

It’s clear that mobile marketing is playing an increasing role in the marketing mix. As we mentioned before, responsive mobile design of landing pages and mobile email are important.

New mobile technologies and applications enable new applications but let’s not forget texting.

Selligent Interactive Marketing creates ideal conditions for you to combine marketing and mobility. Our conversion marketing solution enables you to detect what messaging systems your recipients use and offers various possibilities to use mobile in a cross-channel way, including SMS.

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Do you want to engage the cross-channel consumer?

Today’s customer is cross-channel and he/she is at the centre of sales and marketing.

Communication channels depend on the consumer and marketing is about engaging the cross-channel customer and prospect throughout integrated dialogs that are driven by his/her buying journey, preferences, triggers, signals and behavior.

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