Remarketing to shopping cart abandoners pays

Jan 01, 2012  Inspiration

Remarketing to shopping cart abandoners pays


According to a recent report released by SeeWhy, 48% of shoppers who abandoned shopping carts after online shopping more than once in the previous 28 days returned to the site and purchased items after a remarketing email campaign.

Known as serial abandoners, shoppers who abandoned carts more than once represented 42% of the sample studied and were more almost 3 times more likely to buy after remarketing than one-time abandoners, who represented 43% of the sample.

Remarketing within 12 hours shows best return

Although the research showed that 8% of those who abandoned shopping carts returned to purchase items without a remarketing campaign, the percentage rose to 26% among those who were remarketed.

The greatest return rate occurred when the remarketing campaign was issued within the first 12 hours after the shopper abandoned the cart.

Another benefit to a remarketing campaign for cart abandoners is that for those that returned to purchase after receiving an email spent approximately 55% more than those who did not abandon carts.

The remarketing time becomes shorter

The key, however, is the length of time between when the customer abandons the cart and when the remarketing campaign is sent. Emails sent immediately after the customer abandons the cart generated 105% more revenue than those sent 24 hours after the sale was abandoned.

An October report by Econsultancy in association with Redeye found that companies are sending fewer remarketing emails with only 26% doing so in 2011, down from 29% in 2010.

However, those that are sending targeted emails to cart abandoners are doing so much more quickly with the average being between one and four hours after the sale was dropped.

Remarketing welcomed?

SeeWhy also released statistics indicating that the rate that consumers who open remarketing emails is 46% and that those emails do so between two and four times. This may be because consumers use shopping carts to bookmark items, and return to them repeatedly to decide if they truly want them.

Further research indicates that 15% of all remarketing email recipients click through a link in the email to return to the site, more than three times the number who clicks through regular email campaigns. As further documentation of the success of remarketing emails, the unsubscribe rate stands at approximately 0.19%, less than the industry average of 0.25%.

When done properly, these statistics indicate that remarketing emails are not only successful, but also actually welcomed by the recipients. Lower unsubscribe rates, higher click through rates and an increase in the amount spent all indicate that remarketing after a cart abandonment actually provides value to the customer.

Event-driven interactions and campaigns in general strongly can improve conversion. Shopping cart abandonment is certainly such an event to consider when looking at the data. Furthermore, don't forget to have a cross-channel approach when possible.

Source: MarketingCharts.

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