It’s that time of year again! Halloween, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday are rapidly approaching, and what every hard-working digital marketer could really use at this point is a solid nap. But if current retail projections for Black Friday and Cyber Monday are any indicator, this Holiday season is going to be huge - maybe even the biggest ever in history.

Experts predict close to one trillion dollars in 2018 Holiday season retail sales, a whopping $987 billion. Plus, $123 billion will be generated online, as eCommerce Holiday season sales are expected to increase 16% over last year.

So there’s no time to sleep on your holiday season marketing strategies, especially since digital channels provide plenty of opportunities to nudge consumers towards conversion – and build long-term loyalty – with rocking content.

Get the lowdown on how to turn your marketing up to eleven this year in our free 12-page eBook: How to Rock Your Holiday Marketing.

In this gift that keeps on giving, you’ll find out what consumers really want from brands this season and discover proven strategies on how to:

  • Come prepared with clean email contact lists and pre-loaded campaigns that are ready to rock.
  • Identify and reward loyal customers with exclusive discounts and first-looks at products to bring home repeat purchases.
  • Boost conversion rates by offering personalized product recommendations, created via AI-engines such as Selligent Cortex and delivered in dynamic messages.
  • Create time-sensitive deals and behavioral retargeting triggers to maintain excitement throughout the season.
  • Sprinkle your messages with trending #hashtags to super-charge your reach.
  • Use mobile engagement as the gateway to reaching customers with personalized omnichannel experiences based on real-time data.
  • Think outside the box and beyond the holiday season instead of serving cookie-cutter marketing.

Most importantly, always remember the #1 rule for any successful Holiday marketing campaign: start early!!! So what are you waiting for? Download the eBook now and sprinkle a little mistletoe magic into your holiday marketing this year.

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How to Rock Your Holiday Marketing Season

Download Selligent Marketing Cloud's holiday marketing guide and not only will you learn the tips and tricks to get your brand to stand out from the competition, but it’ll pay off in the long term when you’re using it intelligently to build deeper relationships with your customers.

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