Ready, set, go!


It was ironic that with 3 car manufacturers among the shortlisted nominees for a Selligent Partner Award that the most memorable part of the day was in an Ugly Duck ( een lelijke eendje   in Dutch). 


Img _20140515_160041704

Last minute inspection before the start

The instructions said straight down the road until a stop to answer the first question: "which material is used by the company on the left?" well duh, it is Tata Steel! To the right and to the left cross Noorderslisweg, Middenslusweg in order to cross the polder and arrive at the over side.

A cat lost one of its nine lives during this stage as it ran out in front of Ralf of DM Interface.



Looking good Ralph (de Kruif, R. 2014 Twitter.)

Direction R104 to reach  de Veer windmill on Waarderpolder. Stop, photos, and back into the car!

Brett of the Reference  was lost at this stage apparently and she wasn't the only one! I believe that everyone was at this stage. We only had to rely on the quality of the pictorial instructions and the experience of the driver.

In the distance, there was the KPN Radio Mast. We [Alex (Selligent Germany)Martin (Selligent SA) and Dominic, the camera guy in "Christine"] took our luck on turning right, past Bouwmaat Haarlem. Foot to floor up Waarderweg, across the Binnen Spaarneon the outskirts of Haarlem.


Img _20140515_163333829

Alex from Selligent Germany riding "Christine"

Finally, we saw the magic roundabout from Photo 4. Hotel de Weyman is on the right, continue courting the edge of Burgemeester Rijkenspark on Velserhooftlaan, left on Middenduinerweg. Right on! Over the railway.

Back into the heart of the Dutch countryside as we continued along Middenduinerweg as we neared the half way point at Landgoed Duin & Kuridberg.


Picture _round

Instructions from Stage 2

From looking at Google Maps, we worked out that the next stop was the service station on Wenckebachstraat. We didn't bother with the instructions.

Img _20140515_175723409_hdr

Christine! Isn't she a beaut'?

Manfred from  BurdaDirect Interactive  was the first driver into the Q8 Ruys Gilden on Wenckelbachstraat

Img _20140515_182458076

Nice driving, Manfred!

Where were the other teams? They arrived in spurts of 2 and 3 at a time. A motorist gave free bread to  hun lelijke eendje  in order to give it luck and good speed.

Img _20140515_184238283

Yum! Yum! Yum!

Suddenly, this multicoloured, 3 manned car arrived! It was  Jan  - VP of International Business Sales at Selligent. "Christine" followed them. Thankfully! They drove and they drove - up the N197, missing the junction with N197 and continuing until Waterweg towards the centre of  Beverwijk.

Img _20140515_190559689_hdr

Jan with his 2 navigators, Onno & Hans

Team "Christine" waved and waved at the guys to turn around, finally, they decided to follow us and guess what? We arrived!

"We were lost" quoted Jan after the race. "Having two navigators who disagreed with each other is bad".

Drinks and food were ready at the end for all the well-deserved navigators and drivers. 

Img _20140515_215423743

Selligent's Eendenrally will never be forgoten

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