Persuading consumers through experience


"The key challenge facing brands today is the experience aspect.” This was the introduction to the presentation by Manuel Diaz, Chairman of the communication agency Emakina, on the results of the Brand Experience Score© study. The study, carried out with Selligent's assistance, asked 3,000 women to evaluate 15 facial care brands in terms of experience. The results of the study are available here, but it is nevertheless interesting to take a moment to consider this concept of 'experience.’

Our world has become more complex, and brands can no longer rely purely on emotional appeals to persuade consumers. It takes more than high-impact messages and quirky advertisements to build lasting relationships with today's target audiences. To make a truly lasting impression, brands need to focus on the experience their products provide.

With smartphones and connected objects now part of our everyday lives, our habits have changed. Today's consumer is naturally more demanding. Experience is now a decisive criterion. 


Emakina has developed a comprehensive matrix designed to analyse the range of experiences consumers expect: the projected experience (advertisements, brand's website, etc.), the actual experience (testing products in a store, for example) and the shared experience  (recommendations, press articles, etc.). The result allows us to evaluate a brand's relative performance in terms of Brand Experience, and design and implement an 'experience strategy' tailored to the customer and all the brand's stakeholders, both internal and external.

For more information on the methodology and to view the results of the study, visit our partner Emakina's mini-site at  Brand Experience Platform