Personalized email campaigns result in better engagement rates


The advances in marketing automation and data segmentation, resulting in more personalized email marketing programs, have led to increased open and click-through rates over the last two years. That's one of the conclusions eMarketer draws from recent findings from the Direct Marketing Association.

The DMA found that in the US, both forms of engagement rates (opens and clicks) have increased from 2010 to 2012. The organization sees a direct link with better segmentation, personalization and automation, all leading to more relevant email campaigns.

It's not a coincidence that marketers still see email as one of the most profitable online marketing tactics as is shown in various reports across the world. eMarketer mentions a recent report from the CMO Council that found 67% of email marketers globally rate email as the number one digital marketing tactic.

Multi-channel conversion opportunities

Although click-through rates and open rates grew over the past two years, conversion rates slightly dropped, both for house lists and prospect lists.

eMarketer sees the growing number of digital touchpoints as one of the reasons. Where consumers once converted directly from emails, they have more opportunities than before to convert elsewhere. It shows the importance of a good cross-channel approach based on the customer journey and offering conversion points where, when and how consumers want them.

The multichannel behavior of the modern consumer shows in conversions as well, albeit with a relatively limited impact since conversion rates didn't drop dramatically.

The fact that email marketing, especially when properly segmented, personalized and relevance-driven, still works so well, is proof that customer-oriented marketing works, regardless of the channels.

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