Permission: email marketing lessons for other channels


permissionUS-based eMarketer released a new report, called “The Lessons of Email: Using Digital Touchpoints for Customer Loyalty”. In a blog post, announcing the report and analyzing what lessons email marketing offers for other digital channels, eMarketers’s David Hallerman, who wrote the report, says, “Generally speaking, neither brands nor customers want to connect through a single channel."

We couldn’t agree more.

The report emphasizes that the lessons marketers have learned from email marketing, where permission is a must and consumers have come to expect valuable offers, can help them in getting the most out of interactions via other channels and contact moments.

Consent and reciprocal value

Email marketing is of course not new but, certainly when done properly and in an advanced way, using scenarios, smart targeting and segmentation, personalization, etc., it remains very effective.

Consumers have become used to email as a permission-based marketing tactic and smart marketers have increasingly provided more control to subscribers, using preference centers but most of all putting their interactions and preferences at the centre of the processes.

One of the basics (and musts) of email marketing is permission. It’s a lesson we learned years ago. Permission, control and delivering valuable content and offers, are also key in other interactions and digital channels. It’s the reason why eMarketer released the report and why the subtitle of the blog post announcing it is "consent and reciprocal value resonate most with consumers."

“When it comes to fostering customer loyalty, opt-in email marketing is not just a major channel in itself. It’s an excellent example for all other touchpoints,” David Hallerman says.

Customer-centricity and control

The rules and best practices of consumer-oriented opt-in email marketing, indeed apply to most other ways of interacting with consumers.

Relevancy, control and permission, combined with personalization across all channels to optimize value, is a formula that works, simply because it’s what consumers want as well: value and the sense of control that is offered by best-in-class email marketers. This ‘quid pro quo’ has always existed and clearly shows in the report as well.

It’s a customer-centric approach, based on mutual relevancy, consent and ongoing, customer-centric optimization, and it’s exactly what Selligent Interactive Marketing is all about.

Neither brands nor customers want to connect through a single channel, yet this one channel, called email, can teach marketers a lot in this era of proliferation.

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