Optimizing conversions deeper down the funnel


sales funnelMost businesses are able to see what happens online at the top of the sales funnel. However, as consumers move further down the funnel, the harder it gets to understand consumer behavior.

The multi-touchpoint and multi-channel reality of the buying journey makes it even more difficult.

Nevertheless, understanding consumer behavior across the non-linear funnel is essential. Marketing optimization is a matter of constantly improving during all phases of the journey.

Furthermore, optimization is not only a matter of improving what you are doing. It's first of all a matter of improving the experience of your - prospective - customer, regardless where they are in the funnel.

You need to know where things go wrong, everywhere. Why are people visiting your website without taking action? Why do they never make it until the shopping cart, even if they have been intensively comparing products you offer? In other words: what are they doing, what are they not doing and why?

Removing obstacles requires the right integrated data

Despite the masses of data, we have in these times of big data, many businesses can't link online actions and behavior further down the funnel to actual intelligence on what works and what doesn't.

In order to know, it's important to take your profiling efforts to the next level and include online behavior, integrated data from various contact moments and measure across the whole journey. Improving conversion and removing obstacles happens across all interactions and individual elements of the customer experience.

When properly segmenting and having a customer behavior oriented approach you are able to identify optimization opportunities according to the 'type' of consumer, thus gaining insights to do even better.

With cross-channel and event-driven marketing, the opportunities to understand your customer and his behavior only grow, enabling you to take the proper action to optimize or remove obstacles.

Simple reports and channel-specific data are not enough anymore. Not at the top of the funnel and certainly not further down the funnel.

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