MVT and the most valuable conversion rate optimization methods


Multivariate (MVT) testing is considered the most valuable conversion rate optimization method, research among mainly European marketers shows.

63% of respondents rank multivariate testing as highly valuable and 35% as quite valuable. A/B testing is a close number two with 54% of respondents saying A/B testing is highly valuable.

As conversion optimization, increasing efficiency and valuable customer experiences are all tightly connected, the importance of testing can't be stressed enough.

With multivariate testing, marketers have the additional benefit of being able to test several parameters at the same time and find the best combination.

Segmentation, behavioral and triggered: en route towards customer-centric optimization

Of the many other optimization methods marketers use and find valuable, segmentation is ranked highest, right after A/B testing.

It's interesting to see how event-triggered and behavioral actions are considered quite or highly valuable by 95% of respondents from an optimization perspective.

When looking at all methods, it's clear that a focus on customer preferences and using customer data to do better is key.

Whether these preferences are found by testing, surveys or behavioral analysis, to name just a few, the actions that are taken as a result (segmentation, event-triggered actions) simply are efficient. When done in a cross-channel, integrated and customer-centric context, marketers can do even better.

All the mentioned testing and other optimization features are part of Selligent's offering that is designed to optimize and integrate around your customers.

Start using them today: both your clients and bottom-line will be served!

Conversion rate optimization methods

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