Multivariate testing (MVT): think beyond email


Most email marketers are familiar with the term MVT or Multivariate Testing. While in A/B testing you can compare the results of variations in a single parameter, such as your email subject line, MVT allows you to run different tests and for multiple parameters at the same time.

While MVT requires you to have enough data, it allows you to test more and can help you increase ROI significantly. Obviously, conversions and ROI can (and do) grow with A/B testing as well.

However, with MVT you can conduct tests that look at multiple variations such as your subject line, call-to-action buttons, images, etc. at the same time, in a way that's hardly manageable with A/B testing.

Furthermore, as you conduct these tests in one single run and, in Selligent, MVT allows you to find the combination of elements that works best for a specific audience and send that email to the target group, it's a feature we strongly recommend using.

As we mentioned before on this blog, testing - and thus optimizing - is a must for customer-centric marketers who put the preference of their customers and the realization of their marketing goals first.

MVT is not about one channel: the web page optimization must

This mindset and ongoing process of testing and optimization is not limited to one channel but concerns all contact moments and interactions with customers and prospects. This also applies to your web pages for instance. MVT (nor A/B testing) should be limited to emails but also include other contact opportunities, whereby your web pages indeed probably are the most important ones.

After all, as MarketingSherpa's recent lead generation benchmarks show, web site optimization is a popular and effective tactic used by marketers to generate leads. Furthermore, your web pages are crucial for other marketing and business goals, including sales. So they do deserve testing and MVT in particular.

Selligent offers both A/B and MVT testing features that make you succeed with and beyond email marketing.

Contact us for a demo or get in touch with us to talk about MVT and testing and optimizing in general. More about our MVT functionalities here.

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