Multichannel messaging with targeted content key for B2B lead and demand generation


The people of MarketingSherpa created a nice infographic, based on their international 2011 B2B Marketing Benchmark Survey. The infographic, that is used to promote the company's B2B Summit, shows that for demand generation tactics, multichannel B2B marketing is key. As the infographic states "When tactics have been done individually the ROI has been significantly lower."

When looking at the most-used  tactics for demand generation, it is interesting to see how email marketing is mentioned as being "very effective" by over a quarter of respondents. That's less than the website in the broadest sense and than SEO but more than content marketing and trade shows.

Nevertheless, a multichannel messaging strategy is clearly the way to go as you can notice when descending in the funnel and looking at the top tactics for engaging customers with content.

Improving thought leadership through content and segmenting the delivery of content rank high as well.

It's clear that the role of content is increasing in B2B marketing with 23% of marketers stating they now use content marketing as a demand generation tactic.

A multichannel content messaging strategy, strengthened by targeting, segmentation and behavioural analysis

What the infographic shows most of all is that B2B marketers optimize their funnel by using content via a multichannel strategy where targeting and segmentation (often by demographics but increasingly by behavioural analysis, psychographics and aggregated historical data, acquired through a single customer view) are key.

It's probably one of the reasons why 24% of respondents use a marketing automation software solution.

From a lead generation, nurturing and management perspective, the survey provides interesting data as well. Note that the infographic mentions improvements to the lead nurturing process have had the most impact on improving ROI.

Most B2B marketers responded having a monthly frequency of lead nurturing touches (34%), followed by a weekly frequency (22%).

Lead generation is the top funnel priority of B2B marketers with 60% of respondents, followed by converting qualified leads into paying customers and branding, reputation and awareness.

You can check out the full infographic in PDF here.

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