The mobile user loves SMS: do you use it in a cross-channel way?


Not that long ago, mobile marketing mainly stood for sending SMS and MMS messages. Text-based mobile campaigns also involve responding to consumer's texts. Selligent allows marketers to respond to these texts by triggering one-to-one actions on other channels, as part of our cross-channel and customer-centric approach.

Today, mobile marketing has become so much more. Mobile apps, location-based marketing, you name it. According to Juniper more than 66 billion mobile applications are expected to be downloaded by 2016. Yet, although the uptake of smartphones and tablets is huge, many consumers still use their mobile devices for the 'good old tasks'.

When looking at consumer behaviour, it's clear that mobile devices are becoming part of the consumer's digital lives. As mentioned before, this opens up opportunities in combining online and offline experiences. It also comes with challenges: marketers are urged to design for mobile and to make sure their e-mails, for instance, can be read on mobile devices.

Regardless of the changing behaviour of the mobile consumer, who reads and sends e-mails, and loves using social networking sites while on the go, text messages are far from dead.

Earlier this week I reported on comScore's latest stats regarding the use of QR codes in the five main European markets.

Texting as a trigger and cross-channel component

The research company also found that in Q2 of this year, sending text messages was the most popular activity with 83.3% of all mobile users.

Other activities such as browsing (44.6%), accessing social networking sites or blogs (30.6%) and even playing games (30.2%) and listening to music (29.2%) rank much lower.

Since sending text messages is still such an important activity we shouldn't ignore the possibilities of SMS messages as potential contact moments and triggers in cross-channel activities. As I wrote before, SMS is not on the way out.

As an increasing number of mobile users owns a smartphone it even makes sense to use SMS in a mix whereby other channels (e-mail, for instance) can be used within the same mobile experience.

Of course we will see on-going shifts in what people do on mobile devices as adoption boosts, maturity increases and technology evolves.

The question is how your business can integrate mobile marketing in the experience of the consumer, regardless of formats such as SMS or mobile e-mail. Want to know how? Let us know.

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