Mobile marketing facts: relevance and choice throughout the customer lifecycle


As the year of mobile unfolds in 2011, one thing marketers will have to be sensitive to is the perception of smartphones being more personal among users. We don't go to a desk to use a smartphone. It travels with us in a pocket and that confers on the device a more personal nature. We tend to be territorial about our inboxes, but that may pale in comparison to how consumers feel about marketing messages on their phones.

How can you avoid raising the hackles and alienating the very people you want to reach? According to a survey from Yahoo and The Nielsen Company, making sure your mobile messages are informative and relevant are the keys to draw attention and not ire.

As well, while iPad users may view graphics as important in marketing messages, smartphone users don't seem to view that as a priority. That probably doesn't mean people don't want your ads to be presented well, but all flash (iPad pun intended) and no quality content may not get you very far.

An Advertising Age survey found that 63% of consumers dislike mobile ads. To put that in perspective, that's a few points higher even than those respondents who dislike e-mail advertising and three times those who don't like ads in magazines. Obviously, mobile marketing is about much more than just advertising: mobile marketing is about engaging your customers through new touch points and cross-channel interactions.

The need for cross-channel and integrated interactive marketing

It's probably going to take some harsh lessons before some marketers realize that the nature of the game has changed and they have to think differently to succeed. Simply banging the drum and shouting at people isn't going to bring customers to your door - offering them useful information which is relevant and adds value to their day will.

The smartphone presents incredible horizons for marketing, but we have to listen. They are becoming more demanding and mobile technology will accelerate this evolution. If the technology which used to take up a desk can now travel with me in my pocket, why can't marketers travel well with my life? Today marketers can never take people's time for granted - take that lightly and they will take off.

Along with relevancy comes flexibility - nothing says you value someone's time and patronage as much as offering them the lead in how you communicate. Trying to shoehorn people into the channels which suit you is as bad as sending them content which does nothing more than intrude on their personal space while adding no value to their day whatsoever.

Show your potential customers you understand them by being there not just when, but where they want you -- across all channels of the cross-channel consumer's journey.
They aren't waiting for you to break the trail, they are already walking and you can either keep up or fall behind.

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