Mobile marketing and advertising 2011: welcome to the “outernet”


Mark DiPaola, CEO of mobile shopping app provider CheckPoints posted five predictions for mobile marketing and advertising in 2011 recently and I thought it was worth taking a look at what he sees coming our way this year.

Right off the top Mark mentions that mobile ad spending almost doubled in 2010 to $2.4 billion, which is yet another indication that mobile is a channel marketers need to be investing and expanding into.

He speaks about how people want to take the web with them and not be chained to a desk, using the term "outernet" rather than internet. As well, Mark also makes the prediction that highly targeted, specifically timed and trackable advertising messages are the future. I guess the growing importance of "mobile" (remember: not a medium but a device!) is well known by now as is the importance of relevant content and promotions.

Another interesting prediction from Mark is in regards to micro-messaging, millions of them. Micro-campaigns will become the in thing with smart advertisers looking to hit the right person at the right time with the right message.

Speaking of targeting, Mark sees more and more use of targeted messages hitting people's smart phones as they walk in door of their favorite store as opposed to what he refers to as an "arbitrary list" of specials in an email or traditional print insert.

Will mobile bridge the gap between "real world" and online customer experiences?

Mark's most interesting observation is that mobile, location based services and better apps will create more immersive consumer experiences that bridge the gap between the real world and online. He's right, but there are issues of privacy which are going to have to be dealt with and this is going to come to a head in 2011 too. I don't see people reacting well to being tracked 24/7 by smart phone GPS apps even if it does present them with bargain possibilities. Also remember that mobile is still perceived as more 'personal' and private in general. Permission will remain a very important topic, as it should be. Relationships have no future without consent…

Mark's absolutely right when he says that the relationships between consumers and brands will become more personalized in 2011. However, I would disagree with him when he states that when that matters most is when they are in the isles shopping. I get what he's saying, but I think there's a much wider issue to be aware of here.

The what, when, how and where are defined by the consumer

When it matters most is when it matters to the consumer. It doesn't matter a hoot where they are or what they are doing on whatever channel if you have the right combination of solutions to ensure they get the information they want on the channel or device (email, sms, social, desktop, smartphone) they want when they want it. You don't have to worry about the location if you already have all the bases covered.

Marketers and brands don't make that "when" decision anymore - the consumer makes it. Smart brands are realizing this and taking the steps to ensure they have a plan and the technology to provide the better experience Mark mentions.

As far as the consumer is concerned, that better experience is a result of convenience. Information which is optimized based on their preferences and automated solutions which make information available to them easily on whatever channel they prefer. Real solutions which put the power in the hands of the consumer and allow them to choose the who, what and where of talking to brands.

Yes, I'm talking about cross-channel and multi-channel again.

Mark's post.

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