Mobile finds its way in the cross-channel B2B marketing mix


There's pretty much one direction mobile is going for marketers in almost every sector and that's up. B2B is no exception and a recent survey from Forbes Insights backs that up with some numbers.

While the penetration of smart phones in the general population is still lingering around 20 percent, the Forbes survey found that C-suite executives were way above that curve with 82% responding they used a smart phone. As well, a majority of those executives under 50 years of age considered it to be their primary business communication device.

More good news for B2B marketers is that as the demographic gets younger, the more at ease executives are with making a business purchase via their smart phone. While just under half of those over 50 are comfortable with it, that number shoots up to 78 percent with executives under 40.

When it comes to using mobile apps for business the trend holds firm with younger executives being more likely to use one than those older. The drop was rather drastic too, from 70 percent for those under 40 to just 25 percent for those over 50.

Bring your messages and interactions across multiple channels

The survey also seems to indicate that mobile can be a very effective B2B advertising channel. 57 percent of those surveyed stated they noticed mobile ads and a healthy 56 percent responded they had clicked through on those mobile ads.

As more and more "young lions" rise in the ranks of the executive, it seems obvious that the smart phone will become the personal assistant of the future. It will be primary information source and communication tool and those who are able to leverage the channel stand to profit greatly.

It seems rather clear that B2B marketers can not afford to make assumptions about how ready B2B executives are to adopt the mobile and cross-channel model for doing business. Time is money and anything which helps business people save the former and make the latter will be quickly adopted and leveraged. So, if you can bring your messages and interactions across multiple channels such as mobile, you will be ahead of the competition.

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