Mobile email and scanning behavior: data and tips


Almost every week new reports get published regarding the growth of mobile email. It's virtually impossible to keep up with the latest numbers on how consumers increasingly view and send emails via mobile devices.

One of the latest reports comes from UK-based digital agency Steel London. According to the agency 36% of the Brits today read email on their mobile.

Obviously, this percentage is higher among the digital natives: in the age group of 18-34 year olds 55% of consumers reads email on mobile devices. It's interesting to note that a high percentage acts on mobile email.

Scanning behavior and the subject line

The report found 38% of respondents who read emails on mobile devices do so because of the subject line. Obviously, the subject line is significant in email marketing in general. However, given the specific behavior of mobile usage patterns, it's even more important to get attention with relevant subject lines.

As the report states: "A third of those who read emails on their mobiles say they do so to keep on top of what's in their inbox. They scan them to decide if they should read them properly on their laptop or desktop computer."

We know what the impact of scanning behavior is...

Avoid too much text and long mails

42% of consumers, viewing mobile email, complained about the fact they have to scroll too much. Remember the scanning behavior. This means that emails are not adapted enough to the mobile environment yet and is a sign marketers should take it more into account by offering tailor-made messages, especially since 29% also complain the layout of the emails is not adapted for their device.

Furthermore, 27% complains there is too much content in the emails. The motto seems to be 'keep it short and relevant' but also adapt and make it easy to use and act upon.

Beware of the call-to-action and ease-of-action

In that regard, it's quite striking 20% of respondents complain the links in the emails are difficult to use.

And that's of course what we want to avoid when we want consumers to act upon our - mobile - emails.

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You can download the report in PDF here.

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