Mobile the direct response hub for the multi-channel consumer?


Mobile devices are increasingly becoming the hubs for the digital interactions of consumers. Think about the rapid adoption of mobile email and social networking via smartphones, for instance.

They also offer great opportunities to build bridges between the online and offline world. When seeing ads or content on media such as TV, the mobile consumer often acts by using his smartphone to look for more information.

The same goes for other channels and media, including print, outdoor and, obviously, in-store. Even in the US, where smartphone penetration is lower than in most European countries, consumers clearly act upon calls to action from other media to get more information and even buy, recent research shows.

According to research from Google, 43% of US smartphone owners used their mobile device to find more information in response to TV ads. Almost 40% did the same in response to ads they saw in shops.

Mobile and cross-channel marketing

Previously we reported on how mobile is increasingly embraced as a bridge between the digital and offline world, for instance using QR codes and smart in-store tactics. However, it’s clear that smartphones and tablets are also rapidly becoming direct response hubs with the extra benefit of location, immediacy and broad adoption.

Mobile plays a key role in developing cross-channel marketing strategies since it is expected to become ever more important in the customer journey: from gathering information and connecting with peers to actual purchases. Making sure consumers can interact with various online and offline channels in a consistent way, is an opportunity and challenge for marketers that want to strengthen the impact of their messages and the channels they use, improve efficiency, and drive direct response, regardless of the when and where.

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