Mobile commerce in Europe


Forrester's Martin Gill recently wrote a post on the evolution of mobile commerce in Europe. According to Gill, mobile is at the heart of the key trends that are impacting e-commerce across Europe.

Although there are differences, depending on among others the devices, types of products, demographics and other contextual factors, it's clear that mobile in general is hot, and it's no different in e-commerce. In his post, Gill announces Forrester's first European Mobile Commerce forecast. Some takeaways.

According to Forrester, mobile commerce will represent 6.8% of all e-commerce sales across Europe by 2017. However, this is excluding tablets, which are more popular for online shopping than smartphones, the sole devices Forrester looks at in the report.

Although 6.8% might seem limited, it's important to understand growth will be rapid and adoption of mobile commerce will be niche on one hand and happen at various growth rates on the other. As an example, mobile commerce will grow faster in the south of Europe than in the rest of the region.

Mobile and multi-touchpoint shopping experiences

When looking from a product perspective, it's clear that "simple, impulse purchase" categories will thrive best. Think about books, tickets, music and auctions, for instance, and about categories where mobile -specific features such as immediacy and location can be leveraged.

Of course, smartphones don't only affect shopping via mobile commerce as mentioned in earlier blog posts. Remember that nearly all shoppers today are digital shoppers and expect mobile to play an increasing role in the digital lifestyle and buying journey.

Forrester warns retailers to start working on mobile commerce strategies now, given the fast growth. However, more importantly, it's key to develop multi-touchpoint shopping experiences for the multi-channel and connected consumer. Multi-touchpoint, finally, also means multi-device and includes tablets as well.

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