Mobile advertising spend in Europe growing faster than expected


Research company mobileSQUARED has released revised figures about the evolution in mobile advertising in the five main European markets: France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK.

The company now predicts that the mobile advertising spend in these 5 countries will take the 1 billion USD hurdle in 2015. That is a year earlier than it expected before and yet another strong indication that the momentum for mobile marketing is there.

The fast increasing adoption of smartphones and tablets

In a sponsored report, mobileSQUARED, especially focuses on mobile banner adverts, but it is clear that the mobile marketing opportunities exist on various levels.

This is obviously also due to the growing penetration of smartphones, which according to the company will reach 24% of all mobile devices. By 2016 that should be 55%.

On top of that, last week IDC announced it expects that 62.5 million tablets will be shipped this year. Previously, the company estimated this would be 53.3 million.

MobileSQUARED also predicts huge growth regarding the usage of mobile apps.

Conclusions for marketers

The mobile future looks rosy, not only for mobile advertising but for mobile marketing in general. The use of various mobile channels, including text messaging, is rising, also within the framework of cross-channel and scenario-driven marketing programs.

The fast-growing  take-up of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets and the increasing role of mobile Internet, of course also have repercussions regarding the adaptation of existing marketing channels, such as websites and email, to the increasingly mobile lifestyle and thus form factor and user experience.

Looking at the top five European markets, the report shows an especially strong growth of the mobile advertising spend in Germany.

However, the countries with the highest degree of penetration of mobile Internet are the UK and Italy.