Mario Marlisa on inactive email subscribers and deliverability


Just as marketers do, ISPs strive towards customer loyalty by keeping their customers engaged. It's why web-based email platforms, for instance, constantly innovate so their users can have a more relevant experience. If the emails they get suit their expectations, they will interact and come back. Engagement has always been important for email marketers and ISPs, now it's also crucial for deliverability.

Engaged email subscribers increase the ROI of your programs since they are more likely to purchase a product or service, or advice it to their peers. In a recent paper (available in Dutch), ReturnPath's Mario Marlisa, emphasizes the importance of deliverability and of active subscribers.

In order to maintain an 'active' list it's important to look at the different types of activity and segment subscribers based on these types of activity.

Depending on the company and frequency, Mario Marlisa says, different rules are used regarding active subscribers. Examples:

  • Very active (two actions in the last 30 days).
  • Active (one action in the last 30/60 days).
  • Less active (one action in the last 90/120 days).
  • Inactive (usually no registered action after 120/150/180 and even up to 365 days).

Instead of immediately removing inactive email addresses, most senders first segment their databases and start programs in order to reactivate inactive subscribers or improve their engagement, Mario says. Others just keeping sending emails, hoping one day this will result in something.

Not removing inactive addresses, after having taken proper action, still happens a lot although it has negative consequences, certainly from a deliverability viewpoint. The inactive part of a database can be larger than 50%; Mario knows. In that situation, it's important to consider the costs of sending emails to these inactive subscribers, not in the least regarding the impact of sender reputation, the main factor in deliverability.

So, how active is your list and what programs do you have to identify the activity of your subscribers and keep them engaged? Read more in the paper (Dutch).

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