As someone who works hands-on with artificial intelligence (AI) on a daily basis, representations of AI in movies are pretty funny. Like Steven Spielberg’s A.I. and its vision of humanoid robots with feelings. Or The Terminator’s implicit warning: Give AI too much control, next thing you know – killer robots, end of mankind! And while the movie Her gets a lot right about the near future, the notion of AI as some uber-conscious voice assistant is also far from reality.

Especially when it comes to marketing.

In our business, AI is very much a reality, but it’s also very numbers-driven and science-y. We spent years building our own AI-engine here at Selligent Marketing Cloud, called Selligent Cortex, and teaching it how to behave as a marketer.

It doesn’t talk to us in a saccharine voice or plot to terminate the entire office (at least as far as we are aware). But it’s pretty good from an AI marketing software perspective at self-learning, optimizing and getting the results marketers want to see.

And that’s really what any Chief Marketing Officer looking to implement or expand their AI marketing needs to know: Artificial intelligence for marketers is very good at accomplishing very specific tasks. It builds specific programs and finds patterns in large amounts of data to help your team accomplish their goals and ultimately create better relationships with consumers.


The key is knowing what you want to achieve.

So before initiating an AI project marketers must ask, what is the problem they want to solve? For instance, everyone wants more personalization in the era of the entitled consumer. These consumers are experienced in how they interact with brands and demand highly customized marketing next to ultra-relevant messaging. And they want it PDQ, delivered in real-time if possible.

This is where an army of sentient killer robots is not looking so bad anymore.

For a softer touch, AI marketing automation allows you to deliver one-to-one personalization to thousands of customers. Selligent’s Offer AI crunches data from universal consumer profiles to deliver recommendations and special offers that feel “hand-picked” by actual humans. On the backend, very specific AI algorithms help run campaigns, interact with consumer segments and personalize marketing campaigns with features like:

  • Personalized real-time recommendations
  • Customized consumer journeys
  • Best time to send emails
  • Preferred consumers channels for communication
  • Building highly specific consumer segments

The problem of personalization? Solved!

Again, thinking about the problem from the beginning is key to a successful AI project. Another question is what kind of results you want to achieve. Increase conversions and sell more stuff? AI can help! E-commerce leader Amazon is already using advanced AI functionality to create more than 35 percent of its total revenues with personalized shopping recommendations (McKinsey).

Even if you are not Amazon, AI capabilities in marketing are now at your fingertips as part of Selligent Marketing Cloud to reach specific KPIs. Do you want to enhance your automated email marketing CTRs? Drive more traffic to your website or increase marketing-opt-in?

Selligent Cortex AI was developed to assist you with specific tools that have a great impact on KPIs. Like Journey AI with its knack for finding the perfect send time and preferred device for each individual. Plus, Selligent Marketing Cloud will adjust the message content at the time of open based on real-time behavior, and the AI will keep track of clicks inside the email to fine-tune your future initiatives.

So yes, our AI does not play chess or ask us out on dates. But it’s constantly learning and delivering a level of hyper-personalized marketing that was considered science fiction only five years ago. Pretty cool, right?

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