Lead generation, email marketing and other tactics: facts and data


According to MarketingSherpa's 2012 Lead Generation Benchmark Report, the most used lead generation tactic is email marketing, with 81% of respondents. Social media accounts for 72%, direct mail for 40% and mobile marketing for 15%. The website (optimizing and managing it) ranks high as well with 68% of respondents. However, it's not because a tactic is most used, that it's also the most efficient one.

MarketingSherpa's Daniel Burstein answered some questions of readers about the findings with more data about the effectiveness of tactics and channels in driving leads.

According to the surveyed marketers, search engine optimization, ranks highest when it boils down to the most effective lead generation tactics.

 Lead generation, email marketing and other tactics

29% of respondents say email marketing is very effective and 59% somewhat effective. Website optimization ranks higher than email marketing too with 30% of respondents answering it is very effective in generating leads. Mobile marketing is very effective according to 12% of respondents and somewhat effective according to a whopping 60%.

What does all this mean? In the end, the channels and tactics we use, are important. However, they should be adapted to the preferences and behavior of target audiences.

Lead generation and other marketing goals: moving beyond the channels

The best way to generate leads is a smart cross-channel mix whereby the different aspects and dimensions of target customers are king. The survey also shows the importance of content and content marketing, as well as its effectiveness.

However, here again, it's clear that content marketing, email marketing, website optimization and all other tactics are closely related and intertwined. Email marketing is very efficient if the content/offer is good/relevant and if it fits in a customer-centric overall approach. The same goes for mobile marketing and other tactics.

We need to get in that spirit of putting the customer first and having an approach whereby optimization is a continuous mission. It's not just about website optimization. It's about optimization of the experiences of the multichannel consumers.

In the end, the overall results matter. And they are a question of integrating around the customer, regardless of general thoughts on the most effective channels and beyond lead generation. Your business is unique and so are your customers and prospects. Efficiency is a matter of outcomes and the result of customer-centricity.

Guest post by J-P De Clerck

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