Kenny Van Beeck: email marketing trends and evolutions


Kenny Van BeeckIn our latest (Dutch) collaborative white paper, email marketing consultant Kenny Van Beeck, reminds us why email marketing remains important. However, at the same time it’s a medium in evolution…

Why is email still so important despite the fact many people declared it ‘dead’ when social media emerged? There are many reasons. Email, for instance, clearly plays a role in cross-channel marketing, often serving as the glue between different touchpoint, interactions and steps in the buying journey, including on social media and mobile channels.

Kenny identifies more reasons why email marketing remains popular. A few of them:

The consumer wants email

Indeed, consumers keep using email as one of the preferred channels for interaction, although this varies depending on the age groups, for instance. In a report, we recently covered and that is mentioned by Kenny, the reasons why people use email in brand interactions and the reasons why people start following brands on social, are very similar. People also are familiar with the permission principles of email marketing. It’s simply something we use and – in many cases – continue to use.

A medium that fits the real-time economy

Consumers are in a hurry and have a short attention span. They use different channels and get more messages than ever before. It’s important to cause a change and be relevant. One of the ways to be relevant is to provide information based on real-time events. Kenny reminds us how fast an email marketing campaign can be deployed. When using scenarios and triggers in an automated way, even across channels, and taking email a bit further as is possible with Selligent Interactive Marketing, this real-time dimension can be strengthened.

Easy measurements

Marketers are increasingly held accountable and asked to show the ROI of their marketing efforts. While in some marketing tactics this often proves hard to do, email marketing always has been very result-oriented and relatively easy to measure. Nevertheless, in a multi-channel world, the next step is to measure across all contact moments, as Selligent Interactive Marketing enables you to do.

A high ROI

Email marketing continues to deliver a high return on investment. Despite the challenges of lowering conversion rates, the ROI is clear. Furthermore, by continuously improving, testing, segmenting, targeting, optimizing and personalizing, conversion rates can improve dramatically.
Especially, when adding an integrated dimension and having a single customer view, as Selligent allows you to, much can be improved.

Furthermore, look beyond traditional segmentation criteria and add a layer of behavioral profiling.

Finally, Kenny provides us with a few key trends in email marketing. A few of them:

  • Mobile email and the need to adapt messages for different screens, operating systems, email clients and devices.
  • HTML 5 and the arrival of new possibilities in the ‘email experience’, including, for instance, interactive forms and in-mail video.
  • Deliverability is more a social than a technical or legal matter: engagement and thus relevance is essential. ISPs and email platforms take them increasingly into account, and they are key for the sender reputation.

Probably, the last trend is also an important takeaway in general: by making email marketing more relevant and focusing on the individual preferences of people, we can only do it better.

That’s also what in the end a cross-channel approach is about: taking email marketing a step further by gaining insights about our customers from other interactions and acting upon them to be more relevant…

The collaborative white paper (in Dutch) can be downloaded here.

Thanks to Kenny Van Beeck, you can connect with him here.

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