Jordie van Rijn: the new marketer is a tease marketer


Jordie van RijnJordie van Rijn is a well-known email marketing consultant and blogger. Jordie is one of the co-authors of a – Dutch - collaborative white paper on direct marketing we just published. In his contribution, Jordie argues that the new marketer is a "tease" marketer.

Jordie sees a widening gap between companies that optimize their marketing and those who don’t. Mediocrity is no longer sufficient for a demanding consumer, he says. A simple segmentation can have a significant impact.

However, optimization alone is not enough. Email marketers should work in a more relevant way in a world where consumers are increasingly filtering what deserves their precious attention.

Seduce to interact

Companies are faced with a (new) challenge, Jordie says: seduce consumers to be interested and interact.

Fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities to rise above mediocrity and seduce. Messages should be optimized both from a conversion and activity viewpoint; Jordie argues. And this requires new measurement methods.

In collaboration with DM Interface, emailmonday developed a so-called tease factor, which is an indication of the seductiveness of an email and has an impact on the filtering mechanisms of the smart inbox.

Are you ready to tease and seduce?

You can read Jordie’s blog posts here.

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