The integration of marketing automation and CRM leads to efficiency


In its "2011 Lead Generation Marketing ROI Study", released in July, Lenskold Group found that marketers that have implemented marketing automation and integrated it with CRM or sales automation, indicate much higher rates of reporting and forecasting metrics than marketers with no marketing automation.

Lenskold Group (founded by James D.Lenskold, author of a book I highly recommend: "Marketing ROI: The Path to Campaign, Customer, and Corporate Profitability") found that, "compared to marketers with no marketing automation, integrated marketing automation users were more likely to report performance metrics (average 58% versus 36% per metric), report financial metrics (average 46% versus. 22% per metric) and forecast metrics (average 56% versus 35% per metric)".

Beyond reporting: integrated marketing automation and marketing efficiency

The integration of marketing automation and CRM is not just a matter of calculating Marketing ROI, metrics and reporting though. It's also a matter of having a closed loop with a single customer view, that combines customer interactions, insights and resulting actions.

Lenskold Group further found that companies with this kind of integrated marketing integration are more likely to report having a "highly effective and efficient marketing".

Integrated marketing automation: impact on the use of Marketing ROI and lead quality

The use of Marketing ROI as a method to measure and assess the effectiveness of marketing also is higher among integrated marketing automation users (38% of respondents, versus 23% of respondents with no marketing automation).

A relatively obvious but significant finding is further that marketers, using integrated marketing automation, are far more capable of measuring and improving lead quality (47% of respondents versus 24% of those that don't use marketing automation).

Use of marketing ROI by integrated marketing automation users

Despite all these benefits of having an integrated approach regarding CRM and marketing automation concerning metrics and reporting, the main benefits of this approach are in the area of lead generation and nurturing.

As the report puts it "Marketing automation brings together rich data that can drive the primary drivers of high-ROI marketing - targeting, funnel management, integration and conversion". When combined with CRM or sales automation, the insights and management capabilities marketers have, only become even bigger.

You can download the report here (registration required) or check out more findings.


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