Next week hundreds of marketers will converge on San Diego for DMA 2014 - The Global Event for Data-Driven Marketers. Data-driven marketing certainly isn't a new topic, but unlike last year's event, when the focus was on the value of data, this year the focus has shifted to our customers and how we can use data to improve their experience with our brands.

In order to truly influence our customers we need to understand their needs in the moment that they are seeking to fulfill them. We have to listen, but we also have to respond based on what we are hearing. That's how we impact the relationship and inspire conversion and loyalty. We need to deliver information that empowers consumers to feel like informed and satisfied shoppers - ready to make a decision and choose our brand.

Being responsive and relevant

To do this, we must plan and consider what the customer is seeking at each step of her shopping process. Then target messaging that speaks directly to the stage of the experience she is in. Investing time into program development is key; creating customer scoring, developing dynamic rules and content, planning multi-channel multi-touch lifecycles.

But how do you do this efficiently?

One answer: seamless technology that enables you to explore and understand your data, establish rules to match up data to content, and map customer journeys that indicate when, where, and how that content is delivered so you are responsive and relevant.

Whether she is online, reading her email or checking her Facebook page - she will see your brand and be reminded about what she needs and why she needs it from you.

To learn more about "Influencing Brand Preference" and technologies that power integrated marketing, read the full white paper here.

Or stop by our DMA booth 409 to talk more about how you can influence your prospects' brand preferences.

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