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Transactional emailAs the term indicates, transactional emails are sent during or after an (online) transaction such as downloading a paper, registering for an event or buying a product. Often these transactional emails originate from systems that are not developed to send emails properly at all.

This is why many businesses have limited insight into the effect of such emails. It results in several missed opportunities, including missed transactions. When properly integrating third-party solutions with your email marketing, this can be avoided. There are several ways to use transactional emails to improve your overall marketing efficiency, as you can read in this post.

Marketers should realize that every email sent is a potential touchpoint and thus represents an opportunity. This is the case for transactional emails and for often forgotten mails such as those between a (prospective) customer and an employee. Email marketing is much more than sending messages.

Transactional emails allow you to sell more in several ways, some more direct than others.

Transactional emails and the selling power of customer service

Transactional emails regarding the status of the transaction (which should be clear in the subject line and body) are great contact opportunities to enhance the perceived professionalism and customer service of your business. Customers want to be reassured and, probably more important, see themselves and their business appreciated by an accurate follow-up. Good customer service leads to customer satisfaction, a powerful driver of new sales in this social era where experiences get shared through the integration of email and social, and service is often dubbed the new marketing.

The importance of brand consistency: from call-to-action to transactional email

A brand is a combination of several attributes. Brand perception is more important than ever. Customer experiences are significant drivers of brand perception. Furthermore, consistency is key in the whole buying journey, and conversion funnel. It should not end with the transaction. Your call-to-actions, landing pages and purchase processes have a consistent look, feel and experience, continue it in your transactional emails. Sending transactional emails, from within a solution such as Selligent Interactive Marketing, beats the often text-based or poorly designed transactional emails that are often used. Make sure your transactional emails are sent fast, avoiding irritation and improving the perceived efficiency of your business.

Up-selling, cross-selling and future interactions

The main purpose of transactional emails is to service the customer, confirm transactions, provide information, reassure and thank. However, when offering a consistent brand experience as just explained, additional offers or other call-to-actions can be proposed. Don't overdo it and put these offers at the bottom or on the side. Your transaction email should not be dominated by promotional content. Test to see what works best but don't let the transactional email opportunity pass by. Businesses that use Selligent Interactive Marketing for transactional emails have reported view rates above 85%!

The social opportunities of transactional emails

We live in social times, and people like to share experiences and content they find relevant and valuable. Transactional emails offer great opportunities to solicit feedback, get opinions and use other ways of gathering and even providing social proof. Furthermore, a call-to-action to share the transaction with others can be used. Obviously, this will work better with specific transactions where providing feedback or sharing with peers is more relevant. Examples are downloads of content, registrations for certain events and, occasionally, purchases. Again, it's important to test, put the transaction-related content first and not overdo it. Finally, note that further actions and social recommendations can be improved by offering proper motivation.

There is much to be done with transactional emails. Don't let the chance to thank your customers, increase satisfaction and create more contact moments and business opportunities go by. Selligent Interactive Marketing has an API set and webservice framework that allows any third-party system to use its' email engine. This offers you the possibility of making your transactional emails efficient and fully functional, including delivery optimization and split testing.

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